The latest and complete 250SMX overall rider points and championship standings for the 2023 SuperMotocross World Championship.

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250SMX Points Standings

250SMX championship standings and overall rider points after SMX Finale (LA Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles).

Haiden Deegan has won the 2023 250SMX SuperMotocross World Championship with 157 points, 5 points ahead of Jo Shimoda.

1#238Haiden Deegan157
2#30Jo Shimoda152
3#24RJ Hampshire122
4#43Levi Kitchen114
5#58Jordon Smith110
6#32Justin Cooper101
7#34Maximus Vohland98
8#128Tom Vialle90
9#96Hunter Lawrence89
10#38Jalek Swoll88
11#33Pierce Brown86
12#75Ryder DiFrancesco72
13#85Dilan Schwartz61
14#339Talon Hawkins58
15#35Seth Hammaker49
16#67Cullin Park41
17#243Caden Braswell29
18#49Mitchell Oldenburg27
19#285Coty Schock25
20#71Preston Kilroy25
21#63Max Anstie14
22#Jett Lawrence12
Top 22 Collect SMX Payout
23#55Austin Forkner9
24#41Derek Kelley9
25#52Carson Mumford7
26#508Hunter Yoder6
27#57Chris Blose6
28#125Luke Neese4
29#Chance Hymas2
30#42Joshua Varize2


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250SMX 2023 Prize Fund

$5,500,000 in prize payouts will be available for 2023 SuperMotocross World Championship Finals.

The 250SMX Champion will earn $500,000 with second place earning $250,000 and third place taking home $150,000.

4th place still awards in the six figures at $100,000 while fifth pays $50,000 and 6th $25,0000. 7th place earns $18,000, then the points fund continues in thousand dollar increments to 12th.

SuperMotocross World Championship 250 Points Fund Breakdown

250SMX riders will also earn a prize fund based on their finishing in each of the 3 events.

First place will collect $50,000, 2nd place $25,000, 3rd place $12,500, 4th place $5,000, 5th place $2,700, then continues by varying amounts to 30th position to include the LCQ competitors

Combined 250 Points Standings

The combined 250 SX and MX standings for the 2023 SuperMotocross World Championship after AMA Motocross Round 11 - Ironman.

AMA Supercross Standings (250SX East) 2023

AMA Supercross Standings (250SX West) 2023

AMA Pro Motocross Standings (250MX) 2023

Pos.RiderSX Pts.MX Pts.Pts.
1Hunter Lawrence224419643
2Haiden Deegan168371539
3Levi Kitchen156322478
4RJ Hampshire186288474
5Jo Shimoda75393468
6Tom Vialle119302421
7Maximus Vohland121295416
8Justin Cooper0399399
9Jordon Smith15975234
10Jett Lawrence2230223
11Jalek Swoll0221221
12Ryder DiFrancesco0208208
13Talon Hawkins73129202
14Max Anstie1810181
15Pierce Brown9876174
16Dilan Schwartz51123174
17Carson Mumford72101173
18Caden Braswell52109161
19Seth Hammaker0157157
20Chance Hymas6092152
Top 20 guaranteed into mains at all 3 SMX races
21Enzo Lopes1490149
22Jeremy Martin13215147
23Chris Blose1330133
24Derek Kelley8746133
25Mitchell Oldenburg1310131
26Nate Thrasher1200120
27Cullin Park1170117
28Daxton Bennick0116116
29Stilez Robertson5551106
30Cameron Mcadoo1010101
21-30 Last Chance Qualifier at every SMX round
31Austin Forkner19899
32Coty Schock89089
33Cole Thompson87087
34Henry Miller86086
35Jace Owen81081
36Robbie Wageman78078
37Michael Mosiman512071
38Preston Kilroy07171
39Joshua Varize333467
40Mitchell Harrison441963
41Jeremy Hand62062
42Guillem Farres05757
43Michael Hicks57057
44Hunter Yoder55055
45Derek Drake52052
46Dylan Walsh49049
47Phillip Nicoletti44044
48Luke Neese44044
49Hardy Munoz321143
50Marshal Weltin42042


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