MXGP is the premier class of FIM Motocross World Championship, organized by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM).

The MXGP class can include riders from 16 years of age, either on two-stroke engines from 175cc up to 250cc, or four-stroke engines from 290cc up to 450cc.

Jorge Prado is the current MXGP World Motocross Champion (2023), winning the title after round 18 of 19, in Maggiora, Italy.

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Latest MXGP Standings

MXGP 2024 championship standings after round 9 - Latvia.

1#243Tim GajserHondaSLO454
2#1Jorge PradoGASGASESP450
3#84Jeffrey HerlingsKTMNED386
Full Championship Standings

MXGP World Champions

There have been eight different MXGP World Champions between 2003 and 2023, with Antonio Cairoli being the most successful rider winning seven MXGP Motocross World Championship titles.

2023Jorge PradoESPGASGAS921+67
2022Tim GajserSLOHonda763+106
2021Jeffrey HerlingsNEDKTM708+5
2020Tim GajserSLOHonda720+102
2019Tim GajserSLOHonda782+202
2018Jeffrey HerlingsNEDKTM933+151
2017Antonio CairoliITAKTM722+50
2016Tim GajserSLOHonda731+84
2015Romain FebvreFRAYamaha735+143
2014Antonio CairoliITAKTM747+119
2013Antonio CairoliITAKTM761+90
2012Antonio CairoliITAKTM692+98
2011Antonio CairoliITAKTM596+124
2010Antonio CairoliITAKTM625+88
2009Antonio CairoliITAYamaha561+36
2008David PhilippaertsITAYamaha509+14
2007Steve RamonBELSuzuki508+33
2006Stefan EvertsBELYamaha739+210
2005Stefan EvertsBELYamaha721+69
2004Stefan EvertsBELYamaha688+68
2003Stefan EvertsBELYamaha275+40

MXGP Points Scoring System

The MXGP points system is 25-22-20-18-16-15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for the top 20 finishers, for each of the two main races.

As of 2023, in addition to the race points the top ten qualifying riders from the MXGP classification will also score points. The rider who wins the Qualifying Race will receive 10 points, the 2nd will receive 9 points and so on, in a sliding scale down to 1 point for the 10th position.


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