The latest and complete 450SMX overall rider points and championship standings for the 2023 SuperMotocross World Championship.

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450SMX Points Standings

450SMX championship standings and overall rider points after SMX Finale (LA Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles).

Jett Lawrence has won the 2023 450SMX SuperMotocross World Championship with 163 points, 17 points ahead of Ken Roczen.

1#18Jett Lawrence163
2#94Ken Roczen146
3#23Chase Sexton126
4#2Cooper Webb120
5#7Aaron Plessinger104
6#9Adam Cianciarulo96
7#36Garrett Marchbanks92
8#21Jason Anderson91
9#45Colt Nichols90
10#81Ty Masterpool84
11#47Fredrik Noren79
12#69Phillip Nicoletti76
13#14Dylan Ferrandis71
14#51Justin Barcia59
15#78Grant Harlan44
16#12Shane McElrath40
17#11Kyle Chisholm40
18#46Justin Hill31
19#15Dean Wilson31
20#751Joshua Hill25
21#93Jerry Robin22
22#91Jeremy Hand18
Top 22 Collect SMX Payout
23#Eli Tomac13
24#80Kevin Moranz4
25#511Jace Kessler0


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450SMX 2023 Prize Fund

$5,500,000 in prize payouts will be available for 2023 SuperMotocross World Championship Finals.

The 450SMX Champion is guaranteed a seven-figure payday of $1,000,000 for earning the most SMX points in the three-round SMX Playoffs and Final.

The second place rider will earn $500,000, third place $250,000, and positions 4 through 8 will still win a payout of six figures. 9th place will take home $90,0000 while a tenth-place finish will still earn a considerable $75,0000. Positions 11 through 22 go from $50,000 down to $25,000.

SuperMotocross World Championship 450 Points Fund Breakdown

450SMX riders will also earn a prize fund based on their finishing position within each of the 3 events. First place in the 450 class will collect $100,000, 2nd place $50,000 and third place will collect $25,000.

4th place earns $10,000, 5th place $5,000, 6th place $4,000, 7th place collects $3,900 then continues in thousand dollar increments to 30th place, to include the LCQ competitors.

Combined 450 Points Standings

The combined 450 SX and MX standings for the 2023 SuperMotocross World Championship after AMA Motocross Round 11 - Ironman.

AMA Supercross Standings 2023

AMA Pro Motocross Standings 2023

Pos.RiderSX Pts.MX Pts.Pts.
1Chase Sexton372338710
2Aaron Plessinger236386622
3Jett Lawrence0550550
4Adam Cianciarulo210328538
5Dylan Ferrandis56399455
6Cooper Webb304147451
7Jason Anderson242207449
8Ken Roczen30436340
9Eli Tomac3390339
10Justin Barcia26767334
11Fredrik Noren78219297
12Grant Harlan94176270
13Garrett Marchbanks0255255
14Ty Masterpool0242242
15Justin Hill2120212
16Kyle Chisholm11291203
17Dean Wilson2000200
18Shane McElrath15131182
19Colt Nichols14122163
20Joshua Hill1496155
Top 20 guaranteed into mains at all 3 SMX races
21Jose Butron0152152
22Christian Craig1500150
23Phillip Nicoletti0143143
24Lorenzo Locurcio0110110
25Kevin Moranz967103
26Derek Drake09494
27Justin Starling94094
28Benny Bloss91091
29Romain Pape09090
30Joey Savatgy85085
21-30 Last Chance Qualifier at every SMX round
31Justin Cooper76076
32Joshua Cartwright76076
33Jerry Robin06969
34Harri Kullas06767
35Jeremy Hand26567
36Cade Clason64064
37Luca Marsalisi04646
38Bryce Shelly03535
39Jace Kessler03434
40Ryan Surratt03333
41Marshal Weltin03232
42Max Miller52631
43Tristan Lane29029
44Anton Gole02929
45Devin Simonson28028
46Chris Canning02727
47Stephen Rubini02626
48Dylan Wright02525
49Brandon Ray02323
50Chase Marquier22022


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