TV coverage and streaming schedule for the 2023 AMA Pro Motocross Championship (previously known as Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship).

Starting at Fox Raceway at Pala on Saturday the 27th of May at 10pm ET, and continue for a total 11 rounds throughout the United States.

AMA Pro Motocross Schedule Ironman (Round 11) Entry List Ironman Schedule & Results

How to watch the 2023 AMA Pro Motocross Championship

Peacock, a streaming service from NBCUniversal, will become the new home of the AMA Pro Motocross Championship in 2023 for fans within the United States.

With live coverage of all races, including qualifying, and heats available throughout the season, the Peacock streaming platform will also provide on-demand replays from every race.

CNBC will also re-air races a few days later, see tv schedule below for times from each round.

For world-wide fans, streaming of the 2023 AMA Pro Motocross Championship will be available through SuperMotoCross Video Pass. This service is only available for fans in countries outside the United States.


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AMA Motocross TV & Streaming Schedule

All times are in Eastern Daylight Time

Fox Raceway

Round 1. Fox Raceway at Pala

Race Day LiveMay 27, 1pmPeacock (US), VideoPass
Gate DropMay 27, 4pmPeacock (US), VideoPass
Monday Re-AirMay 29, 2amCNBC (US)
Fox Raceway Schedule & Results


Round 2. Hangtown Motocross Classic

Race Day LiveJune 3, 1pmPeacock (US), VideoPass
Gate DropJune 3, 4pmPeacock (US), VideoPass
Monday Re-AirJune 5, 2amCNBC (US)
Hangtown Schedule & Results

Thunder Valley

Round 3. Thunder Valley Motocross Park

Race Day LiveJune 10, 12pmPeacock (US), VideoPass
Gate DropJune 10, 3pmPeacock (US), VideoPass
Monday Re-AirJune 12, 2amCNBC (US)
Thunder Valley Schedule & Results

High Point

Round 4. High Point Raceway

Race Day LiveJune 17, 10amPeacock (US), VideoPass
Gate DropJune 17, 1pmPeacock (US), VideoPass
Monday Re-AirJune 19, 2amCNBC (US)
High Point Schedule & Results


Round 5. RedBud MX

Race Day LiveJuly 1, 10amPeacock (US), VideoPass
Gate DropJuly 1, 1pmPeacock (US), VideoPass
Monday Re-AirJuly 3, 2amCNBC (US)
RedBud Schedule & Results


Round 6. The Wick 338 National

Race Day LiveJuly 8, 10amPeacock (US), VideoPass
Gate DropJuly 8, 1pmPeacock (US), VideoPass
Monday Re-AirJuly 10, 2amCNBC (US)
Southwick Schedule & Results

Spring Creek

Round 7. Spring Creek MX Park

Race Day LiveJuly 15, 11amPeacock (US), VideoPass
Gate DropJuly 15, 2pmPeacock (US), VideoPass
Next Day Re-AirJuly 16, 12pmUSA
Monday Re-AirJuly 17, 2amCNBC (US)
Spring Creek Schedule & Results


Round 8. Washougal MX Park

Race Day LiveJuly 22, 1pmPeacock (US), VideoPass
Gate DropJuly 22, 4pmPeacock (US), VideoPass
Next Day Re-AirJuly 23, 12pmUSA
Monday Re-AirJuly 24, 2amCNBC (US)
Washougal Schedule & Results


Round 9. Unadilla MX

Race Day LiveAugust 12, 10amPeacock (US), VideoPass
Gate DropAugust 12, 1pmPeacock (US), VideoPass
Monday Re-AirAugust 14, 2amCNBC (US)
Unadilla Schedule & Results

Budds Creek

Round 10. Budds Creek Motocross Park

Race Day LiveAugust 19, 10amPeacock (US), VideoPass
Gate DropAugust 19, 1pmPeacock (US), VideoPass
Next Day Re-AirAugust 20, 12pmUSA
Monday Re-AirAugust 21, 2amCNBC (US)
Budds Creek Schedule & Results


Round 11. Ironman Raceway

Race Day LiveAugust 26, 10amPeacock (US), VideoPass
Gate DropAugust 26, 1pmPeacock (US), VideoPass
Monday Re-AirAugust 28, 2amCNBC (US)
Ironman Schedule & Results

AMA Motocross Schedule


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